How it works

Step 1

Register and log in.

Step 2

Start adding games to your playlist.


Step 3

Organise your playlist to suit which game(s) you'd like despatched first.


Step 4

Receive your chosen game(s) through the post.



Step 5

When you've finished playing the game, post it back to us in the pre paid return packaging provided.


Step 6


As soon as iPlay Rentals receives your returned game(s) we will despatch the next game(s) in your playlist.

Please note it is your responsibility to look after the discs/cartridges when they are in your possession. If a game is returned to us in a severely damaged or unusable condition, iPlay Rentals will reserve the right to charge you the full recommended retail price (RRP) of that game.


Whilst it is possible to return games to iPlay Rentals using your local post box, we strongly recommend you obtain proof of postage by posting games at the counter in your local post office. This is a free service.